And Storytelling

Verisimilitude is essential for worldbuilding. Everything needs to tie together in an internally consistent manner. This helps ensure that your world meets audience expectations. Often this means removing superfluous elements from your world. Other times, it means adding interesting details and developing a robust explanation for why things are the…

Whitelisting helps ensure you don’t miss important emails.

Whitelisting email addresses and email domains on your Gmail account helps make sure your critical emails end up in your inbox instead of your Spam, Social, and Promotion folders.

Follow the steps below for an easy way to whitelist specific emails or specific domains in Gmail.

First, click on the gear icon to open your settings menu.

Lawrence E. Grabowski

Kung Fu Nerd, Gamer, Writer. I write about setting, plot, and characters as well as teach Spanish. I also dabble in writing about other things.

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