Possibly the Best Idea

Republicans recently floated the idea that only parents should be allowed to vote or that they should get additional votes based on the number of children they have. I initially, despite being a member of the wise, benevolent parental demographic, opposed the idea. …

And Storytelling

Verisimilitude is essential for worldbuilding. Everything needs to tie together in an internally consistent manner. This helps ensure that your world meets audience expectations. Often this means removing superfluous elements from your world. Other times, it means adding interesting details and developing a robust explanation for why things are the…

What the “How to Be Productive” Articles Aren’t Telling You

I casually worked on being more productive the second half of last year, and I’ve been working hard to be more productive the first two months of this year. …

It was weird.

If you’ve read about building your brand as a writer, you’ve read about posting stuff on social media. How it’s essential for doing whatever it is you do to make money.

Is it though? I have always posted things to social media more out of mechanical obedience to this mantra…

Video games and digital board games are a great way to connect with friends and family.

Going a long time without seeing people you care about can be stressful. Phone and video calls are an okay way to stay in touch, but they can end up feeling more like a status update instead of genuine interaction.

In some ways though, hanging out with people you care…

Whitelisting helps ensure you don’t miss important emails.

Whitelisting email addresses and email domains on your Gmail account helps make sure your critical emails end up in your inbox instead of your Spam, Social, and Promotion folders.

Follow the steps below for an easy way to whitelist specific emails or specific domains in Gmail.

First, click on the gear icon to open your settings menu.

Same Story, Different Narrator

Uff, this one was hard to write. Not because of any technical challenges, I just got tired of telling the same story four times. The objective was to tell the same story from a variety of points of view and see how that impacted the way you wrote it.


An Exercise in Time and Point of View

I normally do these exercises Monday morning because it’s a relaxing way to start the week. I write them longhand with a fountain pen because it’s like writing on a cloud. Lately though, the ink hasn’t been flowing well. Not in a…

I first realized I was good at writing in high school, then spent a lot of time doing it incidentally in college.

Like many people, I ended up becoming a writer after working for several years. This isn’t because I got tired of my corporate job or never believed I…

Lawrence E. Grabowski

Kung Fu Nerd, Gamer, Writer. I write about setting, plot, and characters as well as teach Spanish. I also dabble in writing about other things.

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